How I Increased Website Traffic Upto 167% In 3 Months With Only 15 Backlinks

Today you’re going to see how I have grown one of my client’s websites up to 167% in just 3 months by using some effective SEO strategies.

In fact, by implementing these strategies we have gained no 1 position on Google for some specific keyword (Which I will share later in this post)

Well, A few years back I used to think SEO case studies titles like these were written by a person just to sell his or her services or stuff without providing any real value and information.


I started from scratch in a competitive niche and used some of the powerful techniques by my own,

Here’s what I was doing before knowing anything about How Really I can Rank on First Position (To be honest: Back then I thought that this is impossible for me to do this)

  • I was creating niche relevant backlinks and tons of them from PBN or Web 2.0.
  • Sending 100’s of link outreaching emails daily (More like a Spam Template).
  • Posting every single day with proper internal linking.
  • Fixing every on-page issue I could find on my website.

You Know what’s the sad part?

I was doing a lot of hard work without getting any results.

But I never lose hope and keep looking for some proven SEO methods and came across these strategies (which I am going to share later in this post!)

Client’s Requirement:

So, my client wants to start a niche website in Women’s health niche, Now it’s a competitive niche and most probably we can’t gain the first position in 3 months.

So after a lot of research, I suggested him to go with the “Butt Lifters” niche and it is really a good niche we will cover all the things related to “Butt”.

Here the website to which we registered “” and the work started.

So, here’s the target we have to complete in 3 months

  1. 1st position on Google for the main keyword “Best Butt Lifter”.
  2. 400 Daily Organic Visitors.
  3. Build around 15 backlinks.

The Starting Stage

I started working on this website of my client from scratch as you can see below in the screenshot.

Now, this website has great potential as the niche is not much competitive. Here are the strategies that we used in order to get the first position.

Niche Relevant Domain

Now as you can see this website is based on Butt so before registering the domain, I found this niche and I came across this strategy that if the domain of your website contains your target keyword it means that your website has higher chances to rank.

More recently, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller stated in a Google Webmaster Central that keywords in URLs are a “small ranking factor.

But small can still make a difference in the rankings, and there are also compelling reasons from a usability standpoint to include keywords where they are relevant.

Contains Target Keyword

Research has discovered that if around 63% of websites contain their keyword in the URL in order to generate more traffic.

Here are a few things you need to consider before registering the domain.

1- Easy To Remember Domain

Domain names that are short, easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to say. This is valuable for word-of-mouth advertising because those visitors will need to visit your domain directly, but it also matters for processing fluency

2- Avoid Hyphens

If your domain name is two words (like, you may want to separate the words with a hyphen for readability:

But, keep in mind that the use of hyphens also strongly correlates with spammy behavior and decreases domain name readability and memorability. For that reason, generally, no more than one hyphen should be used.
Now, let’s move on to the Second Strategy

High Volume Keywords with Low KD

When it comes to SEO keyword research is the most important thing you need to consider. Now here’s how I found some high-quality keywords with low keyword difficulty.
Just go to your competitor’s website, Let’s say in this case my biggest competitor is, I just grab this website and paste it into Ahref.

Goto Organic keyword and filter out these things.

Make sure the minimum volume is 500 and the maximum keyword difficulty is 4. That’s how you gonna find some golden keywords.

Is it the right Keyword?

Now that you have already found the keyword here are a few things that make the keyword best fit for your blog.

Videos Pop up on google’s first page, Usually google shows some specific videos when it is not able to find any other related stuff online on the web.

  • Amazon pages or any other eCommerce websites show up.
  • Forums like Reddit or quora or any other forums website shows up.

These are few things you need to check if any one of these shows up it means you have a good chance to rank, but if all of them show up you have a 100% chance to rank on the first position or maybe 2nd.

Let’s move on to our 3rd Strategy

Niche Relevant Link Tiers

Now, this is my personal favorite strategy because its too effective and gives you better results, Now most people will tell you that you need a lot of backlinks in order to rank on google first page (Of course this is true).

But You know what?

One niche relevant backlink from a real blog is far better than lots of low quality or spammy backlinks.

So in this strategy, I built a niche relevant backlink and instead of building too many backlinks I just make some more niche relevant this time not high quality but some from web2.0 backlinks for the backlink I made for “TheButtLifter

In this case if your website get penalized or you found any sort of issue you just need to remove one link and the issue will be solved.

However, this will help you bring some more relevant traffic to your blog.

The Eyeball Method

I called this strategy “The Eye Ball Phase” My goal is this strategy was to get as many eyeballs on my content as possible.
So what I did I just gather information about my top 11 competitors and wrote 5000 words of content on this topic “Best Blogs Female Must Know About“.

Now, of course, I didn’t mention a high authority website as I am not gonna get any response from them.  So after publishing the content with proper on-page optimization and some visuals, I reached out to the blog’s owners saying

“Hey I just mentioned your blog in one of my articles as number (Whatever the number is) and here’s your award you have received” the email was long containing all the details.

Now basically the award is just a simple badge (Gold Badge) along with the name of owner and blog, which he can publish on his site along with a contextual backlink to my article.

Now here’s what I get by doing this

  1. My competitor’s attention “Which is good to target audience related to your niche”
  2. Social Shares of my article (By the Blog’s owner I have mentioned)
  3. Authority of the sites increased.
  4. People start engaging with my content.

And at last “I attracted many Eyeballs to my blog” that’s why I called this the eyeball phase. Now, these are the strategies that have helped me to get the first position in 3 months.

Let me know whats your strategy in the comments below I would love to know.

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