TikTok Vs Facebook Advertising! Everything You Need to Know!

As far as social media is concerned, Facebook has been the king of the hill. And it still does, as the most extensively used and inhabited social media platform in the world.

Moreover, it will stay so for the foreseeable future. In terms of popularity, there’s a new child on the block, TikTok!

The app hit the 2 billion download milestones internationally in April 2020. More importantly, the platform entertains over 850 million people throughout the globe.

Despite its stratospheric ascent, TikTok has unable to overtake Facebook in terms of popularity.

We can, however, confidently declare that a new star is emerging, and a new location has emerged where everyone wants to go.

Are You Confused Between These Two Platforms?

Marketers find TikTok interesting and are willing to invest, but what about consumers?

Absolutely! Various companies have taken advantage of TikTok’s recent surge in popularity as a means of advertising their brands, goods, and services.

As far as we’re concerned, we may label TikTok a powerful competitor.

However, what can it accomplish against Facebook in an advertising battle that everyone is talking about? We’ll find out!

Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Important:

Facebook Ads

Since pay-per-click advertising has grown to be the most popular kind of online advertising, that’s where Facebook’s advertising strategy came into existence.

Affordability, effectiveness, and speed are all reasons for the importance of pay-per-click advertising. However, these same advantages apply to Facebook advertising as well.

1. Identifying Your Specific Audience:

Facebook is no exception to the rule when it comes to social media advertising.

Therefore, it allows marketers to target their advertisements to certain demographics based on user data.

Adverting on Facebook has a number of advantages, one of which is the platform’s abundance of user data. Your company’s ideal customers may be narrowed down through micro-targeting.

With Facebook’s careful degree of information, you can target specific demographics for every ad you run.

Facebook’s ad settings are highly precise. A company’s “core audiences” may be defined using the categories listed above, and campaigns can be created to target these specific “core audiences.”

You may also use Facebook advertising to reach individuals who have already engaged with your company, which is another great advantage.

2. Greatest Retail ROAS Of Any Social Media Platform:

“Do Facebook advertisements actually work?” is a common question among marketers and company owners. They do, without a doubt.

According to Wolfgang Digital’s 2020 KPI study, the top-performing ad type for eCommerce on Facebook is user feeds advertisements. As a matter of fact, Facebook has a firm grip on the top rankings because of its Facebook Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace ad formats.

In addition, 41% of marketers polled by Statista said Facebook provided the highest return on investment (ROI), placing it at the top of the most popular social networking websites for marketing.

3. Ads that Are More Suited to Your Requirements:Ads That Are More Suited To Your Requirements

There are several ad formats to choose from on Facebook, some of which are not accessible on other paid channels.

When you advertise on Facebook, you aren’t restricted to a single ad kind and aren’t confined to plain-text advertisements (like you are with search engine PPC).

In reality, these ad kinds are more suited to building a brand since they enable marketers to design advertising with multi-media features such as video, picture, text, and so on.

4. Ads on Facebook Are Inexpensive:

Facebook Ads are free for all companies, and the Ads Manager application is free as well. The only expense is the cost of providing a budget and running advertisements.

For many small business owners, this is one of the most tempting aspects of Facebook advertising.

You should anticipate spending between a few cents and several dollars per click when running advertisements on Facebook depending on a variety of criteria (such as your advertising budget, the sort of ads you run, and your industry).

Reasons Why TikTok Ads Are Important:

TikTok Ads

Some marketers are still wary of advertising on TikTok, owing to the platform’s tremendous popularity among young people. Although this is a valid point of view, it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of social media.

TikTok advertising may be incredibly lucrative if marketers take the time to examine the platform thoroughly. A few reasons why you should advertise on TikTok are outlined below.

1. Influencer Marketing’s Power:

Some marketers may roll their eyes when you refer to yourself as an “influencer.” As a result, TikTok has developed TikTok Creators Marketplace, a platform for connecting companies with social media influencers (TCM).

This is a place where companies can connect directly with recognized influencers in order to match their goods and services with organic content.

Because people are more inclined to accept the viewpoint of someone they follow, like, and respect than a single corporate endorsement, this sort of marketing has an obvious advantage.

2. High level of user engagement:

With TikTok, consumers can’t get enough of the social media platform in question, and that’s a good thing for your social media advertising efforts!

Moreover, the numbers bear this out. 90% of TikTok users use the app numerous times a day, and these users spend 45 minutes a day browsing around the app itself, making TikTok advertising more than profitable.

Like other social media sites, TikTok looks to have an active and engaged following that other social media platforms can’t even come close to.

The more engaged your users are, the more probable it is that they will react positively to adverts, particularly ones that are not invasive.

3. Reaching a Wider Audience Around the World:

The social media world has been dominated by TikTok on a worldwide scale. TikTok has more than a billion users and is accessible in 150 countries and 75 languages at the current time.

As a result of these figures, TikTok might be a great option if you’re trying to develop internationally.

It seems that billions of people throughout the globe prefer to make purchases online, and TikTok is an important participant in influencing those choices.

Advertising on our platform might help your eCommerce company grow globally and reach audiences you never thought of promoting your product or service to.

4. Easy to Set up & Use:

Making a video commercial might be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, with TikTok, it is remarkably fast and simple to create video content.

You don’t have to be flawless in your advertising, and you don’t have to throw everything and the kitchen sink at them either. TikTok constantly strives to encourage authenticity.

TikTok’s consumers have historically been put off by too elaborate and overproduced advertisements, so it’s better to keep things simple.

Facebook Ads Vs. TikTok Ads: Which is Better?

Facebook Ads vs. TikTok Ads

TikTok began experimenting with advertising in 2019 in a small and methodical way. The TikTok ad format came at a high cost and was only available to individuals who were willing to spend a significant amount of money.

In contrast, TikTok’s advertising auction marketplace has made the platform far less expensive for small companies.

TikTok’s advertising auction marketplace is similar to Facebook’s advertising auction marketplace, allowing advertisers to target particular demographics and interests with tiny expenditures.

What Distinguishes It from Facebook? 

First of all, because of Facebook’s scale, there is a lot of advertising of various kinds. Using the platform is hindered by them. It’s easy for people to become bored with seeing commercials and eventually stop paying attention to them.

Also, due to the large number of businesses using Facebook to advertise. There may be severe and cutthroat competition for the greatest advertising opportunities.

You don’t have to worry about the fierce competition on TikTok since it is a relatively new marketing channel. Because less advertising is running on TikTok, it’s simpler and less expensive to stand out and connect with your target demographic.

Cost Per Impression (CPM):

The most important component in determining a campaign’s cost per impression (CPM) is the goal of the campaign.

The CPM for TikTok prospecting traffic is approximately $1, conversions are between $2-3, and remarketing is up to $5 for 1000 impressions.

On Facebook, the previously described tactics may cost up to 20 times as much as TikTok, which is a free service.

How costly Facebook advertisements will be, rely mostly on the niche firm is in. However, don’t be fooled by the high CPM. Investing in your advertisements might be a wise decision on occasion.

In comparison to TikTok, which is still gathering data, Facebook has an advantage in that it knows its consumers well and can quickly produce conversions. This can be observed in the rates offered by both platforms.

Ads Should Not Occupy the Time of The User, But Rather Should Make Them Want to See More:

Have you ever found Facebook advertising to be so boring, uninspiring, and detracting from your overall experience? Limitations, standards, constraints on creativity, and rigid regulations are all part of Facebook advertising.

Authenticity and fun are at the heart of TikTok. And that’s what sets it apart from other social networking applications, and the same holds true for advertisements.

To begin with, the most successful TikTok advertising resembles regular TikToks in style and appearance.

In order to avoid seeming like advertisements, TikTok’s commercials have to be tailored to the site and its users.

You May Rely on TikTok for Assistance:


A video creation kit is included with the TikTok advertising platform to enable and make it simpler for marketers to generate advertisements.

In order to make your advertising more appealing for app placement, it gives you a plethora of picture and video themes to work with.

TikTok’s versatility also makes the entire process more fun and entices you to attempt new, intriguing things that are only available on TikTok.

It’s advisable to contact us and let us handle the creation of your adverts if this seems daunting.

TikTok Analytics vs. Facebook Analytics: Which Is Better?

User targeting and analytics are Facebook’s strong suits. It has amassed a wealth of information about your potential customers over the years.

Therefore, it allows you to target them in the most effective way possible.

Facebook does a great job of providing sophisticated marketers with the information they need to create Lookalike audiences based on specific consumers.

TikTok is experimenting with comparable analytics, however, their technology is still in its infancy and can only provide the most basic information at this time.

To make the most of TikTok’s advertising platform, sophisticated marketers have access to additional resources.

There’s a Special Sauce on The Side:

TikTok’s targeting is identical to Facebook’s, despite the fact that Facebook has more alternatives at the time.

TikTok’s unique algorithm is what actually makes a difference when it comes to targeting.

The algorithm gets to know its customers better and better the more time they spend on the program. Your ad will most likely be seen by the people you want to view because of the app’s special sauce.

SocialSniper Ads Services:

For businesses looking to expand, Facebook’s large audience (more than two billion monthly users) combined with the site’s sophisticated targeting capabilities and wide range of ad formats make it an essential advertising channel.

Using our Facebook ad management services at Social Snipper, you can make the most of Facebook for your company’s benefit.

We provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Facebook advertising needs, from strategy and ad creatives to starting and monitoring your campaigns.

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Ads on TikTok vs. ads on Facebook: Who comes out ahead? What we’re saying is that it all depends on what you’re looking for!

Even with an older demographic, Facebook still performs an excellent job. We’d like to offer a different query.

Is advertising on TikTok worth the effort? Yes, please! You may use TikTok to connect, engage, and display your brand.

No matter how things turn out and where you decide to put your money, one thing is certain: TikTok will continue to develop!

This is a great time to be there, too.

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