Real Estate Internet Marketing – 3 Things You Should Start Doing Today

If you are a realtor, then you must understand that your website can bring you big clients and huge prospects. 

Having said that, the Internet is filled with many various techniques that you can try to improve your ranking on Google.

But, we are offering you something different as compared to the other options. 

In this article, we will be mentioning some Real estate internet marketing tactics that you can try to take your business to the top on the Internet today.

We are sure that once you try these three methods, you will have tons of prospects and some guaranteed clients as well.

However, before we go any further, we would like to tell you that there are three main things that you can do to ensure better leads and prospects, and sales through the Internet. 

These three things are as follows:

  • SEO.
  • PPC.
  • Google my Business.

Sounds interesting, right? Then let the wait be over as we jump right into the best real estate internet marketing practices that you must try for your business today!



Let’s talk about SEO first.

So, just to give you a whole overview of what SEO really does. SEO helps you to show up in the results of search engines any time that someone searches about a specific topic.

According to research concluded back in 2019, about 50% of the people took help from the internet to find their desired properties.

So, with SEO, it’s safe to say that your chances of showing up in the search results increase by a mile.

Why Is SEO Important?

Let’s talk about why SEO is important. But before we go any further, let us warn you: doing SEO for your real estate business is not going to yield results instantly.

All it will do is increase your search results ranking. Even if you run first on the search engines, it would be fair to expect the prospects to do research before they go with any option.

With that being said, you might get tempted to try out various tactics and strategies to market your brand online.

However, online ads can run very costly and they aren’t most likely to bring any solid profits towards your business anyway.

With that being said, considering the number of people that use smart devices and computers today, Just about everyone uses Search engines.

Now, the concept of marketing online a real estate business is getting overly competitive with increasing time.

With that being said, it has become essentially crucial to do SEO.

Now, what makes SEO important than Paid Advertising/Marketing?

1. Paid Marketing Will Primarily Target People Only Present In The “Purchase” Stage:

Paid Marketing

Getting leads through marketing can cost you a hefty sum of money.

However, no one in their right mind will want to waste more than $30 so that they can “educate” a customer or to work on a customer still stuck in the awareness stage.

As compared to this option, SEO happens to be a considerably better option.

When you do Either Organic Marketing or SEO, you will find that these real estate internet marketing tactics automatically create a funnel.

The visitors pass through this funnel and they go through all the steps which start from “awareness”, “consideration”, and take them to the final step known as “decision”.

The reason behind this is the fact that SEO basically relies on Content marketing.

And any Real estate marketing companies that rank high will be providing the most complete information. After all, that information is the basis of their high rankings. 

2. SEO/Organic Marketing Is Long-Term And You Are Likely To See Automated Lead Generation:

Doing SEO can help you generate leads straight towards your business. SEO does this by ranking up your profile over a specific period of time.

Once you put in the required time and effort, you will notice that you will gain a stiff position in the search results ranking.

While you might not lose any rankings, you will surely see an increase in them. Not only that, it will become considerably difficult for any of your competitors to take your position in so many rankings.

We hope that these two reasons are more than enough to make you want to try SEO.

Going through these points, you will also be able to comprehend the value of SEO for your real estate business.

However, now that we understand that SEO is important, we must take a look at some ways through which you can do SEO of your website to an extent where it becomes unbearable.

Some Tips To Help You Optimize SEO For Your Real Estate Business:

Real Estate Business

  • You must Claim your Google my Business listings.
  • You must focus on Creating Localized content.
  • Make sure that the content is city-specific.
  • When you develop your website, ensure that it’s a mobile-first website.
  • Ensure to optimize your HTML tags and descriptions.
  • Upgrade to HTTPS.
  • Try implementing the schema markup.
  • Integrate useful tools to your website.
  • Optimize for Image SEO
  • Ensure that there aren’t any broken links present on your website.
  • If you find any broken links on your website, you must fix them immediately.
  • Try listing your properties on various Major platforms
  • Start writing guests blogs
  • Get cited locally
  • Earn your Reviews online.

Now that we have listed all the important topics, it’s time that we broke them into three major steps.

These Steps Are As Follows!

Local SEO:

Local SEO

When you search about something, you are most likely to choose the thing that is present the closest to you.

Considering that you are running a physical business, it’s evident that your business is dependent on location.

Doing local SEO of your business allows it to rank in Google’s knowledge box.

This knowledge box also includes valuable details that are not present about the other options which are not shown in Google’s knowledge box.

Before 2015, there used to be seven listings in the search engines. However, after 2015, these rankings got turned down to three.

With that being said, if you are a real estate business, then you need to ensure that you get the SEO of your business right.

It is very important as Google is not going to be listing the same results for every person.

The results from google search engines are personalized and they dampened your search history, your preferences, and your locale.

For example, if a person searches about condos in Miami, he will have different results as compared to the person searching for Condos in Chicago.

However, if you are a real estate business, you must identify the regions where you want to rank.

This will allow you to get your Local SEO right. This way when someone searches in an area where you’ve done your SEO well, then you will gain more prospects from there. 

Claim Your Google My Business Listing:

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Now, in order to make your Local SEO flawless, you will need to do a listing of your business in Google my Business.

We will discuss Googly my business in detail below, however, we will like to add short details of how this can prove helpful in the local SEO of the business.

This feature allows the users to be able to add their information to Google.

This information includes the name of the business, the address, and the phone number connected with the business

The business term for this information is NAP (as in Name, Address, and Phone Number).

For any business, it is essential that they ensure that this information about their business is consistent on all digital channels.

This includes your website, social media pages, and accounts.

After claiming the Google my Business listing, you will start appearing on Knowledge cards that are shown when someone searches about you on Google and Google Maps as well. 

Focus On Creating Content Specifically About A Certain City:

When you create content about specific content, you increase your chances of being found locally. This content can include blogs, transcribe videos, and interviews.

These options happen to be a great way for real estate interested in improving the ranking of their websites.

Now, this work might come off as a little hectic as it will require a lot of research.

Alongside extensive research, it will also include a lot of research and hours of writing, editing, and publishing.

Nevertheless, once you reach the end, you will see that the whole hectic routine was worth it.

Other than that, we suggest that you focus on creating content that people on the internet find useful, engaging, and actionable.

This way, you will be able to gain the trust of the prospects and it will also increase the chances of them visiting your website so that they could deal with their property matter through their website.

When you create content locally, you will find some cities to be a lot easier as compared to other cities. This can be depicted by their search volume and competition.

Google My Business:

Google My Business

Next up, we are going to be talking about Google my business.

This is yet another great real estate internet marketing tactic that you can use to gain more views towards your website and generate more clients and prospects online.

What Is Google My Business?

Google my business is a free tool that helps a business in getting found easily by its customers.

This tool allows you to manage Google maps and also allows you to tell the story about your business.

This feature is rather common and there are very high chances that you’ve come across it one too many times already.

When you search for a company on Google by its name, you start seeing a profile appearing on the right side of the webpage.

This profile contains information about the business such as:

  • The Address of the Business.
  • The Working hours of that business.
  • The Phone Number of that business.
  • The Locations in which that business operates.
  • The Reviews left by the previous users of this business.
  • And The Most important thing, the link to the website.

This feature also includes a Questions and Answers area for your business. This is the part where the prospects can get answers to any questions that they might have.

As you may have judged from the information above, this tool is rather smart.

As a matter of fact, this business is also going to include the social media profile of the business in the right-side section of the search results page!

It’s safe to say that consumers these days have become considerably practical. They are not interested in wasting time that won’t benefit them.

But once you create a Google my Business profile, you will be able to add brief yet apt information about your business as well.

Adding this information ensures that you will be able to catch the attention of any prospects that might be interested in attaining services from you.

What Makes Google My Business Important For Real Estate?

Real Estate

Let us start by mentioning that Google my business happens to be an extremely essential topic for the people that want to generate leads and increase the exposure of their brand.

GMB happens to be a necessity for just about all the service providers.

The reason behind GMB being important is the ever-growing number of people searching for services online.

Now more than ever, people pay a lot of attention to reviews. They are going to be paying attention to the option that appears at the very top when they search about a specific thing.

Google my business happens to be an essential part when it comes to marketing your brand.

Not only that but it is also considered important when it comes to developing a strong online presence as well as having your very own website.

This factor happens to have a lot of weightage when it comes to making a decision. Now, Google my Business has a lot of potentials to offer.

This feature of Google adheres with local search which makes it an important commodity for real estate professionals.

However, you will find that in many different ways, this feature of Google still happens to be uncharted territory for Real Estate agents.

Essentially, you will find that Having a google my business page will help you gain increased exposure from Google search results.

Moreover, it can also be a great source of leads for your business as well.

What makes it a great source of leads is the fact that this feature includes things such as reviews, click-to-calls, and links to your websites.

Furthermore, all of this information can also be used in Google ads.

GMB And Its Benefits In A Nutshell:

To conclude, having a profile on Google my Business can prove to be of substantial value if you want to improve the ranking of your brand in the local search engines.

As you may have read above already, GMP can be of great help if you want to improve the visibility of your website.

However, you need to make sure that your website is well-optimized.

When you have a well-optimized website, it will show up on the right side of the search results anytime when someone searches things like “real estate agents present near me”.

How Can You Set Up Google My Business Account?

Business Account

Now that we know how important the real estate internet marketing technique is GMB, let us run through some technical details which will help you sign up with GMB. 

Following is a step of processes that will help you in setting up a Google My Business Account:

  • Start by going to From here, you will need to press the “Get Started” button. 
  • Once you start this process, Google will ask you to mention the name of your Business. 
  • Once you add the name, you will be taken to the next step. In this step, you will be asked by Google to add information about the location of your office.
  • Now, in this step, you will want to make sure that you say yes.
  • After you say yes, you will need to fill in the information about your business address.
  • After adding the information, you will receive a code from Google. This code will allow you to verify your business. 
  • Once you have verified your business, you can take the next step as you log into your account.
  • From here, you will need to finalize the details of your business. 
  • In this step, you can set up the category, address, and service area of the business.
  • Especially if you are a real estate agent working in a specific area, you will be able to narrow it down. 
  • After that, you will have the option to be able to add your phone number for your business alongside the link to the website. 
  • You can also highlight all the services that your business offers. 
  • And for the final step, you can add a little description about your business as well.

Steps To Optimizing Google My Business For Real Estate Business:

To make this Real estate marketing tactic more effective, the best way to do that is to optimize it.

Now that we have mentioned that you need to optimize your Google my business page, it’s also important that we hand you the roadmap to help you do it.

In this section, we will mention all the steps following which you will be able to optimize this real estate marketing tactic.

  • To start this process, you will need to sign in to your Google my business account.
  • To sign in, you will need to add in all of your login credentials.

Once you’re signed in, you must choose the location that you want to edit.

  • After you find the location that you want to edit, you will want to choose the information that you intend to change.
  • After that, you will need to press the pencil or X icon.
  • If you want to edit the information, you must go with the pencil icon.
  • However, if you want to delete the information for good, then we suggest that you press Delete the information.
  • Once that is done, you can save your changes and exit.
  • You will notice that your changes will take effect almost immediately.



As for the last real estate internet marketing tactic, we are going to be mentioning PPC.

A lot of small real estate businesses rely on Third-party databases just so that they can get traffic to their listing through your real estate marketing.

PPC advertising is a real estate marketing tactic using which you can bring people directly to your website.

In PPC advertising, you will find that you own the medium and you will also realize how you present yourself.

This stops you from going through the struggle of listing appearing and perhaps being lost going through so many competitors on the market.

You will be able to showcase all of your portfolios without your viewers being constantly distracted by various other listings.

You will find PPC campaigns to be rather simple when it comes to setting them up.

This way, you will also be able to reach a lot more target audience more efficiently and bring in motivated buyers for your website.

Various Tactics For Real Estate Internet Marketing Trends Using PPC:

There are about six million homes that get sold in the US within one year.

Having said that, it doesn’t come surprising to us if someone says that the competition between real estate agents is surreal.

There is no denying that the market has become overly competitive and yet the role of real estate remains prominent as ever.

Now, you will notice many realtors trying out various different strategies such as virtual staging, drone photography on their page, or inbound marketing, and many more.

You will find that there are many trends that come and go. However, the need for an ideal website is always there to stay.

Now, to help you with that, PPC happens to be the perfect real estate internet marketing technique.

If you want to rank high in search engine results pages, then generating organic content is not the only way.

A successful PPC campaign can do wonders when it comes to bringing a substantial amount of traffic to your website.

Although you will need to pay an additional small fee for every click, if you utilize the latest real estate marketing trends well, then you would see a huge improvement in the Rates of Interest of your website.

It’s safe to say that PPC provides the users with a gateway to a huge volume of traffic.

Now, in order to make your real estate internet marketing tactic of PPC’s more prominent, you can follow the below-mentioned techniques: 

Choosing The Right Keyword Phrases For Your Real Estate Marketing PPC:

Real Estate Marketing PPC

Using PPC will allow your website to be able to appear at the top of the search engine’s results regardless of whatever keyword you choose to use.

You will find that your real estate marketing isn’t going to gain any benefit from featuring any kind of non-relevant search term.

Having said that, this would mean that you need to find the keywords that work well for you.

Based on these keywords, you will also be able to bring in leads for your business.

However, to do that, it’s essential that you understand your target audience. Think about these questions to narrow down the search results:

  • What is the Customer Profile of such users?
  • What is the information that your Targeted audience might take an interest in?
  • What is the route that they follow in order to search for the information that they are interested in?

Thinking about your audience will help you mention all the ways in which they might look for your business.

Furthermore, if you want to make PPC work for your business, you will need to ensure that your landing pages reflect the keywords for which you’re advertising.

For example, when someone clicks on your ad, the navigating page needs to be directly about the stuff they clicked for in the first place.

Go through all the current pages present on your websites and list out all the keywords that reflect the keywords according to the content present on the website.

Now that you’ve built the list of the keywords, we suggest that you narrow down the list.

Keep the keywords only that you think will be relevant to both your audience as well as the page that the visitor is going to land on.

The Buying Cycle:

If you want to succeed in this method of PPC’s, then you need to understand something called “The buying cycle”.

Let’s say, if someone searches for the keyword “Best white shirts in Chicago”, they might be at the very beginning of the buying cycle.

At the very start, the buying intent is going to be at its lowest.

However, if someone searches for a keyword that “buy white shirts in Chicago”, then it means that the chances of them converting are going to be considerably lot more as compared to the buyer’s still at the very start of the cycle.

This further clarification must prove helpful in understanding the values of the keywords and hopefully, you will be able to focus your mind better towards it now.

Now that you’ve narrowed down all of the keywords, you will want to go to a service like “Ubersuggest” so that you can find the cost that you will have to pay for each click.

These tools also come in handy when it comes to checking out the competition of each keyword.

Optimizing Your Website For PPC Campaigns That Are Going To Be Using Local Keyword Phrases:

Local Keyword Phrases

You may have noticed that in our example above, we threw in a keyword with a location. This kind of keyword is known as a location modifier.

Location modifiers are an integral part when it comes to making your PPC more authentic and high-quality.

For example, if you add the keyword “buy houses”, there are chances that you will get a lot of clicks.

However, all those clicks are going to be wasted if the users want to buy property in some area that you don’t support.

This will make it less relevant and you will end up spending a lot of money on PPC.

Having said that, you must put your mind to using Local Keyword phrases.

These happen to be an essential part of real estate agents as they are offering their services in that specific location.

In a real estate business, the location can be the real driving force behind the intent to purchase.

You will find that many people consider this information and use location modifiers in their searches!

Keeping all that information in mind, whenever you use local keyword phrases, you must make sure that your landing pages match the intent of the person searching the internet.

If you add the keyword “houses for sale in Chicago, then it has to deliver what it actually says.

In case that it doesn’t a lot of people are likely to go back to Google and start searching for houses that are present in Chicago.

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Final Thoughts!

And with all that information, we will like to conclude all the best real estate internet marketing techniques that are a must for you to try.

In this article, we have tried to be as elaborate as possible as to how a certain marketing tactic can prove helpful for you and your business.

With that being said, if you want to taste the benefits of more prospects and clients, then you must try out these real estate internet marketing secrets.

We are sure that they will prove helpful for you in making your business go big.

P.S: All of them are highly effective. We are sure that once you try them, the benefits will be substantial.

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