How to Use Siteliner Like a Pro in 2022

The search for something that optimizes every page of your website so that Your website is able to appear higher in the rankings of Search Engines like Google and Yahoo runs very extensively.

This is often referred to as “On-Page SEO”;

On-Page SEO is a combination of tactics you apply on every page of your website individually so that you are able to improve the ranking of every page in search engines. 

Once the users know where to look, Optimizing a page becomes a lot easier.

With that being said, It might get a little messy as it will require you to comb through every page of your website and see the room for improvement. 

If this sounds worrying, then don’t fret just yet, as we come to you with the best possible solution, Siteliner! 

This tool happens to be one of the best Budget-Friendly options on the list.

Interested about finding more about Siteliner?

Well, by the time you’re through this article, you will know how to use Siteliner like a pro! 

So, let’s get started:

What is Siteliner?

Sitelener is known to be an SEO tool that is tasked with checking one’s website for severe issues such as checking for duplicate content on your website.

Other than that, Siteliner shows the users that how many pages on your website have similar or resembling content on another URL present within the Website.

Capisce, or no Capisce?

Well in case of Non-Capisce, Here is an example:

Let’s say you have one paragraph on and you have the same content written out on, Siteliner is going to be listing all the similarities between the content on those both pages.

We like to think that Siteliner is one of the most important tools as it highlights all the critical issues with a website, such as Duplicate Content.

This happens to be a huge SEO problem. Why so, you may wonder? 

Well, When you have duplicate content on a website, the Algorithms of Search Engines get confused, as Search Engines such as Google are only looking to provide their users with the best answers to the person searching.

The Algorithm of Google Ranks website on the basis of the information provided and when you duplicate content, Google gets confused about ranking your page.

With that being said, You must always aim for having a unique type of content on every individual page of your website.

Now, we confirm that its not easy to do that. But to help you do that, Siteliner was made.

Siteliner helps the users in finding the problems with their website.

Once Siteliner highlights those issues, the users will be able to replace the duplicated content or any mentioned issue.

This will allow you to solve the problem before it gets big to the point where it starts hurting the ranking of your website and you start to lose ranking on Google.

What’s the Difference Between Siteliner and Copyscape?

Now that we know what Siteliner Actually is, let us see some alternatives for Siteliner.

Now, Copyscape happens to be another duplicate content checking tool. 

Nevertheless, there is one prominent difference that sets them apart. 

Siteliner is only useful when it comes to finding duplication on content on your website only.

Siteliner does an internal scan of every page on your website and finds out all the duplicate data mentioned on your website.

However, Copyscape takes things a little farther.

Unlike Siteliner, Copyscape checks the content of your website with other pages present on the internet.

Copyscape is going to be showing any kind of content that it finds out that has been copied from your website and used on another website currently present on the internet.

Here’s something that you may not know about these both tools:

These tools are a product of the same parent company, named Indigo Steam Technologies!

5 Ways to Use Siteliner

The functionality of Siteliner is not only limited to helping the users find duplicate content on their website.

Here are five different ways in which you can use Siteliner.

With sideliner, you will be able to do a complete audit of the content present on your website, and that too, without paying any price!

Get Siteliner now and use the tools it has to offer to: 

1. Finding Duplicate Content on Your Website:

With Siteliner, you will be able to find duplicate content present on your website.

This will allow you to fix your ranking and will allow you to have a higher ranking in Google Search Results.

2. Replacing Broken Links:

Broken Links cause more damage to your website than any other factor mentioned on this list.

With that being said, You can use Siteliner to Replace and Fix all the broken links present on your website. 

3. Comparing the Sizes of Pages, and Comparing their Loading Speed:

With Siteliner, you will be able to notice the Size of the pages and how long will these pages take when a visitor visits them.

If your website loads rather later, then you have a chance to rank lower than the competitors in your niche. 

4. Allows the users to Balance their Internal and External Links:

Siteliner offers a breakdown of all the links present on your website which includes the total number, the Internal links, external, and inbound links present on every page.

This report comes in handy when you are looking to compare and balance out the links.

On a standard, it is always best to have a perfect balance between both internals. 

5. Searches the website for all Technical SEO Errors:

Majority of the features on this platform are intended to help you improve your websites considering the SEO tactics.

Keeping that in mind, Siteliner offers a “Skipped Pages” report.

This is a list of links that were not scanned by Siteliner alongside the reason. 

The fact that you see the reasons that these pages were skipped allows you to see what is wrong with them so you can work on fixing it.

Does Siteliner Really Work

Now that we have mentioned various ways through which you can utilize Siteliner for the betterment of your website.

Now, it inevitably leads us to the next question whether Siteliner Really works or not. 

To get the answer to that question, we decided to test Siteliner out by ourselves.

Our test results were quite conclusive, and we would be happy to share with you! 

But, in order to help you evaluate all the good and the bad about site liner, we have broken down all of our observations into pros and cons.

These Pros and Cons will help you evaluate all the good and bad things about siteliner.

Siteliner Pros 👍

Let’s go ahead and mention the good things first. After all, the good news must be followed by the bad news, right? 

In so many of our observations, one of the most positive things we observed about siteliner was its ability to give results rather quickly.

This means that you will not have to wait for a very long time to see what is wrong with your website and thinking that probably that the webpage itself has crashed. 

Other than fast results, we think that one of the biggest pluses of Siteliner is the fact that it is available without any price tag to most of the users!

The Siteliner tool at free pricing plan offers the users the ability to scan up to 250 pages.

Now, depending on the size of your website, this size is far more than enough, at least if you write blogs or you have a small website. 

And these are not even the best part: Siteliner, in its free pricing plan, comes with multiple features embedded in a single tool. 

This means that you are not going to be needing different tools for checking broken links, and another tool for searching for duplicate content. 

The Siteliner tool is a pretty capable one and it can hold on its own.

These things make it a must-have for anyone’s SEO Toolkit

Moreover, Siteliner allows the users to download Reports generated by Siteliner within different formats to their likings, such as PDFs, CSV files, or Excel Sheets.

This removes the worry of compatibility.

This also makes it easier for the agencies, in case they want to show reports to their clients, point out important reports, and edit the formatting of the reports themselves.

Siteliner Cons 👎

You have probably been waiting for this hammer to drop, right?

Well, here is the other half of the information. Here go all the negatives of Siteliner. 

There is no fact that Siteliner is a completely amazing package for SEO, but needless to say, there are a few limitations that we felt while benchmarking Siteliner.

The very first issue we have with Siteliner is the fact that it only checks Duplicate Content Within one’s website only. 

Other than that, Siteliner does a good job over all.

But when it comes to showing the scores, Siteliner shows metrics such as the Page Speed and Loading speed and compares it to the average of the website, and the average time a website takes to load on the internet.

This competition is a straight comparison with your competitors and you will be able to see the people whose loading time will be way faster than yours. 

While we are on the topic of comparisons, Siteliner Does Rather Crooked work.

Siteliner does not offer any tips and guides on how can one improve their page speeds and the loading times of their websites.

Siteliner just simply compares your website with other websites.

One last thing that we think that where Siteliner lacks is that it has no attractive design at all.

But, as long as it is getting work done rather impressively, that can be looked through.

How Much Does Siteliner Cost?

Siteliner comes in two various pricing plans; One pricing plan of Siteliner is Free, while the other one is Siteliner Premium. 

Now, if you have Siteliner available for free, is there a need for Siteliner Premium?

Well, when you stick with the free Version of Siteliner, you have enough features in your hand that will allow you to check your websites for Small to mid-sized websites.

Considering that, you are going to be fine with a Free Account.

It is very likely that you are going to be running comparisons of your website once a month, or once a quarter.

This all falls down in the limit, 

However, if you are an agency that has a lot of client websites to fix or have a large website with more than 250 pages, then We suggest that you get the Siteliner Premium option.

If you don’t need to do this heavy lifting, this happens to be the best option.

Final thoughts on Siteliner 

Here is everything that we have to say about Siteliner! 

Siteliner happens to be one of the best and one of the free Tools that are available on the internet.

With Siteliner, you have the option to get an overview of the elements present on your page.

Siteliner will bring forth all the issues with your website which will allow you to make improvements on your website and rank higher on google

With Siteliner, the users will be able to see issues such as duplicate Content, Broken Links, Skipped Pages.

These Issues can come off as really troublesome and will have a negative impact on the ranking of your website and will remove the visitors from your websites if this issue is not tended to. 

However, you don’t have to take our word for it; Go to Siteline’s website today and be the better judge for yourself.

Starting with Siteliner does not require you to pay any money, and that’s not even the best part:

You get a lot of Valuable Information. 

Do you know how they say “You Get What you Pay for”? Well in this scenario, “You get more than you Pay for”. 

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