Real Estate Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide

Lead generation is the process of capturing the viewer’s attention to the product and services. So that they buy the product and you increase the sales rate.

For every business, it is important to generate leads. Because without the leads your business can not grow.

But the strategy of every business is different. You can not generate the same leads in every business because the audience’s requirements change.

Therefore, you need to learn how to get real estate leads. But the question is from where you can learn the tips and tricks for real estate lead generation?

Here’s the deal:

To learn about lead generation tips, you do not need to search on the internet and waste your time.

Because here we tell you about the proper guide to generating leads for real estate. We try to compile the best information in one place so that you can easily find what you search for.

So without wasting any further time, let’s start the discussion.

What is Lead Generation for Real Estate?

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Lead generation is a process to attract the user’s attention and develop his interest in your product and services.

So that he buy your services and your selling rate increase. In real estate, business people usually have an interest in renting, buying, or selling services.

Unlike other fields, it is challenging to generate leads in the real estate business. As there are some challenges like selecting the best sites and software to use.

Also, which customer experience strategies you should use. To make the task easy, some marketing rules work well in all industries including real estate.

But always remember the crucial element of real estate marketing strategy is lead generation. So first learn about the lead generation system.

So that you can remove all the difficulties and make your task easy.

Key Pillars of a Real Estate Lead Generation System:

There are two basic pillars of the real estate lead generation system.

  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Outbound Marketing.

For better understanding, let’s have a deeper look at these key pillars to find out what they are?

Inbound Marketing:

The process in which people are attracted to the business. Through the creation and promotion of the incentives and related content is known as Inbound marketing.

It is the digital and modern way of marketing. The activities that are usually involved in inbound marketing are

  • Content Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Advertising.

Outbound Marketing:

You can start to do outbound marketing you have a basic knowledge about your target audience.

Some people refer to outbound marketing as traditional marketing. As the activities in outbound marketing are

  • Event Marketing.
  • Direct Mail.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Telemarketing.

According to the research, the most effective way of outbound marketing is cold emailing. To successfully run a lead generation system. You must use both outbound and inbound marketing.

Because it will help you to attract more people and you can turn them into organic leads. In this way, you can fulfill your business goals easily in a short time.

Want to know more?

It does not matter which method you use for marketing. If you monitor your activities regularly and analyze the results that occur due to these activities.

Here are three main steps of the lead generation funnel from where every viewer goes to become a customer.

1. Awareness Stage:

Awareness Stage

This is the top of the sales funnel.

At this stage, you introduce your services and products to the customer who does not know where to get the best strategies.

2. Evaluation Stage:

It is the middle of the sales funnel. In this stage, the user comes to know about your existence.

Also, the user thoughts that you can solve its problem by providing the best services.

3. Conversion Stage:


It is the final stage of the sales funnel.

Here the user is agreed to buy your services but still has some questions. According to your marketing strategy, you can capture the attention of most people in numerous ways.

To make your work easy you can use the Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).

Because it helps you to manage and follow your leads without putting in so much effort. In addition, you can keep track of your lead’s activity by using this tool.

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How to Get Real Estate Leads – 19 Ways:

You can get more audience when you know the best ways to grab their attention.

So here we are, in this section we will tell you the best 19 ways for real estate lead generation.

Have a look.

#1. Referrals:

The reliable and powerful source of generating leads is Referrals. According to the research:

  • 41% of buyers consult the agent that their friends, relatives, or neighbors referred to them.
  • And the 12% of buyers consult the agent that has worked with them before to sell or buy the home.
  • In addition, 63% of sellers work with an agent that their friend, relative, or neighbor referred them to.
  • They also work with the agent that they knew before.

Want to know the best part?

Referrals are free. All you need here is to make a good relationship with all your contacts.

So that in the time of need the first person that comes to your mind is your colleague or friend who wants to sell their property.

If you just start your real estate business. Then start to build contacts that your friends and relatives refer to you.

#2. Local SEO:

Local SEO

According to the latest stats, 44% of real estate buyers use the online platform to start their home search.

Similarly, 95% of sellers use the internet to find a good buyer. Therefore, your website must rank in Google.

So that when people place queries in the google search bar, your website comes in the top positions.

Because it will help people to come to your website instead of using other platforms. To rank your website you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It gets better:

As it is an efficient tool that increases the website ranking and grabs more audience. You can also use Google My Business to add your real estate business to Google maps.

By using these tools you will allow your customers to reach you easily when they type the specific keyword.

You should add the proper business detail in the google my business page. So that people can easily contact you or come to your workplace.

Here’s the deal:

If you do not know how you can do the SEO of your website. Then you can hire an SEO agency.

They will help in ranking your website and increase organic customers. So consult the right SEO agency for efficient work.

#3. Landing Pages:

Landing Pages

In the real estate business, it is difficult to get more conversions. Because not many people have an interest in buying or selling a house.

Therefore, the conversion rate of real business is only 2.47%. This ratio becomes worse when you invest some money in marketing your business.

Because from the results it is clear that the money you invest in the marketing is getting wasted.

The reason for less conversion rate is that real estate experts send traffic to their websites that are not optimized.

When people come to the main website and do not find any contact information they just leave. In short, they do not have custom landing pages that keep the audience engaged.

It gets better:

According to the research, the real estate website that has a custom landing page has more than 55% leads.

Here are some examples of custom landing pages that realtors and brokers can use.

So have a look.

  • Luxury Listing Landing Pages.
  • Book An Appointment Landing Pages.
  • Buyer Guide Landing Pages.
  • Home Valuation Landing Pages.
  • Community Landing Pages.

You can use any of these examples to add a landing page to your website for Real Estate Lead Generation.

#4. Reverse Engineer the Competition:

Reverse Engineer the Competition

Analyzing your competition is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas. In this strategy, you can use the tricks of your competitors.

It will help you to analyze what you are doing wrong. Through this, you do not have to think about what real estate lead generation strategies you should use?

Especially, when you just start your real estate business in the market.

Want to know more?

Many online real estate lead generation tools are available that allow you to see which channels drive more traffic to the competitors.

The best tool in this regard is SimilarWeb. For Example:

By using search engines like Google, you can see which real estate platform is getting more traffic.

Through this search, you will know that by using SEO you can get the maximum exposure to your website.

It gets better:

You can also see that the real estate business gets more traffic through social media and referral sites.

Therefore it means you should make a digital appearance on different platforms. For more traffic, you can select the referral websites that generate more traffic.

So make proper real estate lead generation strategies and invest in the right sources that help to promote your business.

Here’s the deal:

BuiltWith is another one of the best real estate lead generation tools.

Just enter the name of the website and know what tools and technologies they are currently using for their website advertising.

This will help to know the name of some valuable sources in which you can invest confidently to generate leads.

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#5. Open Houses:

Open Houses

For the best real estate lead generation ideas, you should run an open house. Because it helps to generate more free leads.

In addition, even if no one buys the open house property, you will still get many potential buyers.

But to attract the people you need a proper system. Here are some real estate lead generation tips that will help you.

Attract Visitors

The first step is to spread awareness about the open house event to the potential buyers.

To promote the open house you can

  • Use door hangers
  • Make flyers
  • Promote on social media
  • Spread postcards in the neighborhood
  • Highlight your listings

Moreover, on some occasions, use signposts to attract people of neighboring streets to the open house.

Capture Names

When you can get customers in the open house. Make sure you save their contact information.

To capture their details, you can use a formal sign-in sheet. So that when people enter the house they will enter their details.

Moreover, you can engage them in a fun activity. It will help you to communicate with the people informally and you can take all the required information.

#6. Community Pages:

Community Pages

When the buyer moves to the new area, they first like to know about the new neighborhood and the community.

To find a good house in the best location they search for a real estate market that helps them to get a good house.

Therefore, Real Estate Lead Generation websites have community pages. By adding community pages to the websites, you can share important detail about the area.

You can include the following topics in the community pages

  • Economy.
  • Climate.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Demographics.
  • Restaurants.
  • Transportation.
  • Medical Facilities.
  • Local Businesses.
  • Shopping.
  • Leisure Amenities.

In addition, make sure to add keywords to your website. So that they get top ranks on the google search result page.

#7. Virtual Tours:

There are two things in real estate marketing. First photos and second written copy. But to attract investors and potential buyers there are now some smarter ways.

Through the virtual tour, you can show the property to the client. Instead of inviting them to see the property physically.

Want to know the best part?

By using a professional 360-degree virtual tour. You can show home on your social media, website, and google maps.

So that the people who have an interest in your services stand out from the crowd. Also, for the buyers who live outside the city.

This is the best way to inspect the home as it saves money and time.

#8. Google Ads:

For Real Estate Lead Generation, google ads are the best way to attract the audience after SEO.

It is not easy to beat all other real estate businesses and come on top. You surely need to use some real estate lead generation tools.

First, use SEO to improve your Google ranking.

Then use Google ads to attract the organic audience. First, google ads will speed up the process. Second, you will get an organic audience on your real estate website.

But Google Ads are paid. You need to pay for them when the user clicks on the ad. These are PPC ads that have 6 types.

According to your business type, you can select the right PPC ad type. To create the PPC ad you need to consider the following things.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

PPC ads grab the organic audience if you use the right keywords in them. You can use Google to search for the relevant keyword.

Make sure the keywords that you use must relate to your content. Because by clicking on the ad people will go to the main website.

Rather than content keywords, you can use the company or location keywords to attract the organic audience.

If you do not properly use the keywords then people will find it difficult to reach your main real estate website.

Retargeting Website Visitors


The best thing about the PPC ads is that they retarget the people.

Targeting is the process in which a company focuses on the existing customer instead of finding ways to attract new customers.

To retarget the users, they are provided with the best services.

For Example:

When they are on the home page, they will see the notification of trending products. And by clicking them, they will redirect to the main page.

Similarly, from the product page, they are redirected to the membership and buying page. In this way, you can retarget the people easily who already show interest in your products and services.

Bidding On Competitor Name And Brand Keywords

To get the keywords that you want to use in the ad. You have to do bidding.

The amount that you select in bidding, you have to pay this every time the user clicks on the ad.

So select maximum words with a minimum amount.

To make sure you do not pay more just on keywords. Here are some best reasons that will convince you to bid on the keywords of your competition brand

Cheap Traffic: Brand name keywords are usually cheap because they are unique and not listed in the Google Ads generic keywords

High-Quality Traffic: By using the brand keywords you can attract an organic audience because people are interested in real estate services.

So by having them on your website you can generate real estate leads

Exposure of Brand: When you fight for the brand keyword your potential increase and you can spread awareness about your brand on a large scale

#9. For Sale By Owner Listings:

For Sale By Owner Listings

These are the properties that an owner adds to the list for sale instead of the real estate agent.

For sale by owner listing as classed as warm leads to target. Because here you already know the owner who wants to sell the property.

To find the potential FSBO leads you can check

  • Craiglist – Here you can check the real estate listing of the local market
  • Zillow –  Here you can see the FSBO listing or check the make me move
  • Local Newspaper Websites – You can easily check the real estate section here

Keep in mind:

Once you get a lead on your website, you must convince them to use your services. Offer them an affordable price so that they do not just run away after hearing the high rates.

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#10. Video:

Like SEO and Google Ads video strategy also work. Video is considered a valuable resource of the business.

People love visuals more than they love to text. So make sure when you create a Google ad, use images or video in it.

First, it increases the appearance. Second, it will help to attract more audience. Because by visualizing the data, people will get more information in a short time.

By reading the text, they will not efficiently understand the context and their time will get wasted.

In addition, according to the research 36% of people use video as a source of information when they search for a home.

It gets better:

You can attract more audiences if your video quality is good. Because people will see everything clearly when the quality is good.

On the other side, if the quality is bad then people will just skip the video and look for other options.

#11. Strategic Blogging:

Writing blogs is also one of the best real estate lead generation strategies. You should use your inbound marketing strategy when you write the blogs for your website.

If you just post the normal blogs on your real estate website. Then they will not work because the audience wants something else.

So make a long-term plan and give valuable information about real estate in your blogs. It will help the visitors to get the information that they want to learn about real estate.

In this way, your blogs will become credible sources to get information. Because sellers and buyers also look for informative data when they search for the home.

#12. Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads

To make a digital appearance of your services, you can use Facebook as a platform.

Because it is one of the biggest social media platforms. The amount of active users on Facebook is more than 2 billion.

Also, it is available on both mobile and desktop. Therefore, people can use it anytime and anywhere. By using Facebook advertising, you can make a huge profit.

As you can increase your Real Estate Lead Generation.

To grab the organic audience, consider the following options while creating a Facebook ad.

  • Ad type: Select the right option for ad according to your requirement. On Facebook, you have to select between the Canvas ads, Photo ads, Carousel ads, Slideshow ads, Collection ads, and  Video ads
  • Targeting: To target the audience enter the right demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Objective: Do not forget the motive of creating the ad. Always remember to select from Lead Generation, Conversions, Brand Awareness, Reach, Engagement, and many more

When you insert the data efficiently you can target the right audience. And within a short time, your organic audience will increase.

Here are two different types of campaigns that you should consider

1. New Listings


For Real Estate Lead Generation, advertising new listings to the targeted audience on Facebook is the best strategy.

The main purpose here is to create visually stunning ads whether you select videos or photos.

Always use high-quality images or videos to use in the ad. So that when people scroll down the ad they will easily read the information.

2. Already Sold

By showing your previous profile you can win easily people’s trust. By seeing your great work, new people will surely come to you to rent, sell, or buy a home within your location.

When you feature the sold property in the Facebook ad and run it, you can attract more leads, and easily promote your credentials.

By promoting credentials, you will allow people to contact you in the future when they want real estate services.

#13. Optimize Your Facebook Page:

Optimize Your Facebook Page

When you create Facebook ads, do not forget to optimize your Facebook page.

Because by clicking on the ad people will come to your page. And depending on the information that you share on the page people will make their next move.

To develop an interest in the people you can use

  • Savvy optimization techniques
  • Regular status updates that feature the videos and photos of your listing
  • Consistent engagement
  • Clients
  • Market

So make sure you use all these techniques to keep your audience engaged. Also, try to verify your page. Because people will trust in your services more when you get verified.

#14. Local Partnerships:

In your area, surely you are not the ones who do the real estate business. So instead of fighting with them, join hands with them. Because in this way, you can increase your potential.

Also, you can help them and take their help. To build a working relationship, do not look for an organization that is far away from you.

Contact the ones that are in your area. So that in any emergency both the parties can communicate with each other efficiently.

#15. Get Referrals from other Realtors:

During any event or conference, you get the opportunity to increase your contacts. Because all other real estate agents present there that are not from your area.

By communicating with them you can build a healthy professional relationship with them. This communication will help you in the future when they refer you to people.

Also, you can refer them to get a favor in return.

#16. Live Chat:

Live Chat

In this busy life, people do not have time to fill out the forms or call you to get the answers. Instead, they would love to do a live chat.

So that they can efficiently get all the answers to their questions. Many chatting apps are available through which you can communicate with people.

Some best examples are

  • FreshChat.
  • Drift.
  • Intercom.
  • Facebook’s Messenger app and many more.

In addition, some apps give responses on your behalf if you auto-feed the message.

It will tell people that you are active even if you are not.

#17. Automated Text Messages:

To share valuable information with your clients, you should use real estate text message marketing.

Also, it is one of the best real estate lead generation strategies. In this digital era, you can improve this strategy.

You can replace simple messages with automated text messages. They will help to reply to the client as soon as possible if you store some text in the app.

By doing this you do not have to answer the questions that people mostly ask about the services. Also, according to research text messages create more efficient results than emails and calls.

Only 10% of people prefer to make a call while the other 90% prefer to do communication on text messages.

In addition, 99% are read by people and they have an average response time of 90 seconds.

#18. Pitch Local Investors:

Pitch on the local investors directly if you work in an area that has a lot of investment potential.

By doing so you can save your advertising cost and marketing time. Because rather than a typical first-time buyer, an investor has more potential and is going to be savvier.

So to make a good professional deal you have to create a good impression by offering amazing services at an affordable price rate.

#19. Email Segmentation:

Email Segmentation

When you promote your business, many people try to reach you.

Half of these people want to take your services. While the other half is just approaching you to get the information about the real estate.

To reply to all the people you need a proper management system. So that you can give time to all people.

Also, reduce the chance of losing potential buyers while communicating with the non-potential buyer.

Want to know more?

By dividing the audience you can easily manage them.

One way to do that is email segmentation. If you properly do that you can increase the Real Estate Lead Generation as well as the rate of return.

To do so many online tools are available. Choose the right tools to get efficient results.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas:


After learning about the Real Estate Lead Generation ways. Now it’s time to know about the real estate lead generation ideas.

These ideas will help you to grab a more organic audience. So use these following ideas as your lead generation strategy.

1. WebForms:


By adding web forms to your real estate website, you will people to enter their information and send it to you.

So that they get a reply in return.

A single web form has multiple purposes. According to your marketing requirement, you can create a web form and add it to your website.

You can use web forms as an inbound lead generation strategy. Through a web form, you can easily collect the required information.

Want to know the best part?

There is no need to create the web forms from the scratch. You can use the plug-ins and default templates to use with your website.

It will reduce your time and effort. In return, you will get efficient results. By using the templates, you can add multiple web forms to a single website.

You can set up a web form for the buyer, seller, or the person who is looking for rent. In addition, you should use a CRM system.

Because it will collect all the information that people send you through the forms. You can use this information in a valuable way to communicate with your clients.

Also, remember that through the web form you collect the major requirements of your client. So, create the web form properly.

2. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

The other best real estate lead generation tip is email marketing. It allows you to keep your audience updated with your services.

Also, it is a professional way to communicate with clients. Just like automated text messages, you can send automated emails.

Just set the timing and date of the email and it will be sent to the client automatically. In addition, there is no need to write separate emails to all your clients.

Just create a list and add the people in it that send you the information through a web form.

After creating the contact list, write the email and send it to all. In this way, you will save your time and send valuable information to all the people.

Here’s the deal:

If you compare email marketing with traditional marketing methods. Then you will know that digital marketing is best.

Because there is no physical effort in it. Also, you do not have to create a brochure or flyer to provide information.

Just make sure you write all the important information in the email that defines your purpose to send the email.

3. Referrals:

When you build a professional name people will not doubt to take your services. But building a brand name is not easy as you have to provide genuine services.

Also, you need good partners. You should attend annual events to increase your contact list.

Because in the events, all real state investors participate and this is the best time when you can communicate with them.

Offer them your services and build a good professional relationship. This will help you to increase your brand name.

Also, if they get impressed with your work, they will refer people to you.

Want to know the best part?

Most people come to take the real estate services when someone referred you. Because buying or selling a home is a serious task.

People need trustworthy agents to handle these issues. All you have to do is to build trust in the people so that they take your services.

And refer you to other people who are interested in taking real estate services.

4. Events:


If you talk about the best real estate lead generation tools then the event is one of them. Especially for the beginners who want to become good investors.

Events work in the same way as email marketing does. Because their main purpose is to spread the business awareness and get loyal customers in return.

You can make a brand name if you stay active in all real estate events. Events news usually occur on social media platforms.

So give a response as soon as possible to tell people about your existence. But only giving a response to the event is not enough.

You have to make a physical appearance. So that you can communicate with the other real estate investors that are not from your area.

And with the people who are interested in selling or buying a house.

Here’s the kicker:

With the development of technology, there is no need to do physical events. As investors can communicate through webinars.

You do not need to leave the home to increase your contacts. Just remember your aim before you join the webinar.

Because it will help you efficiently promote your business and you will surely end up having real estate leads.

5. Social Media ads:

Advertising is one of the best real estate lead generation strategies. Because they help to attract the organic audience in a short time.

The reason why people prefer social media advertising is that they are good at demographic targeting.

Social media helps you to know about your clients. By following their accounts you can easily know about their interests and requirements.

Use this information while creating the ads so that you can easily target the people who have an interest in your services.

Want to know more?

You can use the most famous social media platforms Facebook and Instagram for this purpose. Because they both have a huge fan following and use demographic targeting to help the people.

Also, with their ad boosting facility, they will display your ads to people who do not follow your account.

6. Cold Calls:

Cold calls

A cold call is also the best real estate lead generation tip. But not all real estate investors can handle it.

Because it is a lengthy and tricky activity to keep people engaged. Therefore, cold calling has changed and now there are better ways.

Now there is no point in calling random people and asking whether they want to buy or sell a house or not.

You can call the people who have shown interest in real estate services through text messages, emails, and web forms.

It gets better:

Create a script to communicate with your customers. Write answers to all the questions that people frequently asked.

It is not necessary that you only speak what you write in the script. As the client changes, you can make the changes in your script,

Just make sure, your communication is effective and you convince the customer to buy your real estate services.

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Wrapping It All Up!

That’s all folks, in conclusion, we will say, you should use the real estate lead generation guide in real life.

Because here we mention all the tips and ways through which you can enhance the real estate leads.

If you carefully read this article, you will not need to go to any other place to search for the best information.

So, if you are worried about how to get leads in real estate?

Use this guide and make your work easy.

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