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Real Estate Advertising Ads

Creative Real Estate Ads Examples for Real Estate Advertising

Table of Contents

If you want to make sales online for your real estate business, then it is imperative that you run Real estate ads! 

However, if you are new to the field of digital marketing, then it is very likely that you don’t know much about it! 

But that’s okay! We’re here to help you do that for you.

Here are some real estate ads with dated designs which can help you generate more sales for your real estate business. 

These examples happen to be a top pick from the experts so that’s how we know that these tips are highly productive! 

So, without further ado, let’s get going!

1. Capitalize On SEO And Also Focus On Using Hashtags:


Ever wondered how people find you on the internet?

Let us tell you. The driving force behind people finding you on the Internet is SEO.

SEO depends on the keywords a person uses in their search. It can be phrases like “realtors available in chicago” or “house for sale in minnesota”

You can use these keywords in the ads descriptions that you write. This way, your listings will start showing up in their search results.

Once they see you showing up in their search results, they are most likely to purchase from you. 

2. You Can Share A 3D Tour To Gain The Attention Of Your Clients:

It’s no secret that Facebook video is quickly becoming the perfect option for the people interested in gaining more engagement on their website.

As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to know that Facebook has shaped its algorithms in such a way that it targets to show videos in the news feed of users like never before.

Even knowing that there are millions of videos roaming on the social network, we would say that these types of real estate ads are definitely worth it!

Not only you will find them to be highly effective, but they are highly affordable as well. 

3. Comprehend And Utilize The Preferences Of Your Target Audience:

Target Audience

Open houses are of considerable importance when it comes to making your business successful.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to get the best results if you were to hold an open house just about every weekend.

In an open house, you can spend time with your leads. In this period, you can ask them questions.

Shape your questions in such a way that you are able to gain the information which helps you narrow down what they are looking for exactly.

These types of ads only bring a specific audience under the radar. This audience has usually searched certain pages on the website of the agency. 

4. Offer Your Clients Advice On How They Can Keep Their House Maintained:

As a real estate business,  there is more to real estate ads than to sell properties!

One vigilant example of such ads is the ads that run only to create awareness amongst your prospects. However, you must know beforehand what your prospects find useful.

Using these types of real estate media ads comes in handy when it comes to positioning you as a trusted adviser who takes interest in helping their audience.

These ads can talk about the type of home maintenance that some homeowners think about and their septic system. 

5. Show Off Your Customer Service:

Customer Service

Regardless of what line of business you are in, if you cannot offer good customer support, then you won’t be getting enough prospects or leads.

This aspect especially applies to the real estate business as well. This is so because the real estate business is reliant on creating long-lasting relationships with clients.

Having a long-lasting relationship with your clients can help you in converting them into your referrals.

Plus, they can always come in at any time to buy or sell any of their property through you!

Keeping that in mind, you can advertise about your commitments to support your clients. 

6. If You Want To Sell Older Properties, Use Creative Positioning:

Every real estate agent comes across some properties which they can’t sell!

If you have some old and outdated listings, then these real estate ads can do wonders for you!

Through your ads, you can position these old listings as investment properties that cater to the growing the quickly changing market.

Through this ad, you point out the best aspects of the property ie. the large size of the lot or wooden floors. These kinds of features come in handy when it comes to attracting investors.

Not only that, but these kinds of real estate ads also include a “CTA” that compels them to find more about the property. 

7. High-Quality Photography Is Your Friend:

High-Quality Photography

These days, visual learners are in higher numbers!

Now, one of the best ways to grab their attention is to use high-quality photos! You must focus on creating pictures that look aesthetically rare.

You can take help from various software such as Matterport, or photoshop to make your pictures result in much better quality.

You will want to find anything that helps you in making your property unique. Once you narrow down these elements, you will be able to choose better photographs to make your pictures more beautiful. 

8. Descriptions Create Interest!

In the world of real estate, composing and choosing high-quality content usually carries a huge amount of weight.

Using your real estate ads, you can use high-quality content to highlight your properties in the best way possible!

Although, you will want to make sure that you also pair a picture or a video of high quality as well.

These elements go hand in hand in making your real estate ad more effective. You can use some specific words that help in defining your property in a better way.

Doing so is going to help your prospects see the value and the elegance of the place that you are selling.

9. Tell The World What You Do Best:

Tell The World What You Do Best

Nothing changes the fact that buying or selling a property is a huge thing!

This means only one thing; to work with a skilled agent willing to offer you the best deal!

According to us, a skilled agent would be the one who knows the market well and also is an expert in some specific areas.

To make this method more effective, you can follow this small trick. Depending on your specialties, you can include a video or image which shows you do8ing that very thing in which you specialize. 

10. Let Your Stats Speak For You:

Just like you should show your abilities to the world, you must also show your experience!

In the real estate business, an experienced agent is of high value for buyers and sellers.

Having said that, it would be a great idea to use real estate ads to show your experience!

These kinds of ads usually show how long the real estate team is.

Furthermore, it includes information that highlights their success as a team in the real estate domain.

Seeing that you have been around for a while now, the leads will be moved to trust you. 

11. Share Personal Stories To Establish A Connection:

Share Personal Stories

Sharing personal stories happen to be one of the most effective real estate ads when it comes to generating a connection with your leads.

Having said that, you can use this real estate ads example for your business too.

You can share personal stories of the people that you have collaborated with in some previous time. You will also want to share a little information about your success as an agent as well.

These types of real estate ads include a video that has the potential to touch a lead’s heart and make them want to reach you out. 

12. Position Yourself Against Your Competition:

According to, there are 1.3 million real estate agents available in the US right now! 

Just imagine the margin of huge competition of real estate ads that are all around you!

These agents are spread out in different states, cities, or even in different niches. Keeping that in mind, you are facing some tough competition!

Now, a lot of people use the internet to research properties and about the buying process online before they purchase a property.

When considering your competition, focus on the special se5rvices that they offer and how many deals they close on an average for every month.

These factors will help you perform well and stand out from other people.

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Final Words!

It’s no secret that people see ads all the time. Keeping that in mind, you will want to stand out from all the other people!

Here go all the amazing ideas which you can use to create some amazing real estate ads.

We are sure that once you use these tips and tricks, you will be able to get more clicks and garnish more leads as well.

You can try these various options that we have mentioned.

You can try any one which suits you the best and work for your target audience.

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