Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It In [2022]?

Maybe some of you have heard about the PBNs but not all are aware that what PBNs are and what it is the purpose of private blog networks.

Isn’t it so?

If I describe it briefly then PBNs is a set of domains that you or other entities own up.

To make it more clear and understandable let me tell you that the private blog networks might include or

But you know what?

The concept of PBNs is quite hard to understand and execute as well. But if you pay a little attention then you will conflict it with a lot of information out there.

What is extra?

I know there are many questions right now in your mind that what these networks are? How do they work? Are they worth it in [year]? Should you build one? And stuff like that.

If you want to clear all these concepts that are stuck in your mind you have to read this article till the end.

So are you ready for this journey?

If yes then fasten your seatbelts cause we are going to start our journey to the private blogs network.

Private Blogs Network, What Are They?

The first and primary thing is an insight into Private Blog Networks. If you are the one that uses SEO to rank your website then you probably know about it.

Guess what?

Private Blogs Networks can provocative too.

If we go with the laymen’s definition of PBNs then they are dead websites.

You must be wondering, why?

Because the owners of the websites let out the domain to die that means to expire.

You can no longer access the domain that has been died and obviously can not visit the website until you make the use of WayBack machine and things like that.

This is because you need to figure out what kind of site the domain is using to host the site.

Some of these domains contain a lot in the life of link juice. That implies these domains have power with google.

Due to this power, they can rank keywords faster. Whatever the sites these domains link out to get the link to that juice.

It is necessary to mention here that they are loved by many also hated by many. That is why now the count in the group of Blackhat SEO link building techniques.

Back in the time, PBNs was a thing, but when people started abhorring them, then Google took the step.

Before 2014, the hype of PBNs was real and people started building them. Everyone wanted to catch in for the journey.

This was until Google demolished some of the popular services of PBNs and some of the remarkable marketing bloggers’ of PBNs.

All in all, these Private blog networks are nothing in itself but a  Web 2.0 on steroids.

In this, you use expired domains for or bloggers instead of using the subdomains.

Why Create PBNs?

You must be speculating why PBNs was so famous back then and why one creates them.

The answer to your pondering is that they are powerful when it comes to managing the content and backlinks of the website.

By this, it means that they allow you to change or modify the content so it connects explicitly to your niche.

On top of that, you can modify the anchor text, an anchor text appears in the hyperlink and you use them to jump to another website.

As you are aware that these use expired domains that help to pass a lot of link juice.

Link juice is considered as ranking power that is why an expired domain can license a great amount of ranking power than a new domain.

If you are curious why an expired domain carries more ranking than the new one then let me tell you why.

It is because the expired domain is more likely to carry or have more authority.

Authority Of Expired Domains

There are a handful of reasons why expired domains have more buff but two main reasons are.

The first and less valuable reason for it is that Google assigns some significance to the epoch of the domain.

If there is a domain that is built in 2008 then it will be the domain with more authority because of google than a recently built domain.

That old domain has more link juice with it than the new one.

The second and of the most prominent reason that the expired domain contains more link juice is the backlink profile.

Now, what is a backlink profile?

It is the over-all temperament of backlinks to domains. Now we will look at the backlinks of an expired domain.

If a backlink profile must have the following things.

  • The exact number of backlinks
  • The number of linking domains.
  • A total number of linking IP addresses.
  • The anchor text of the specified link
  • The title tag of that link

Finding An Expired Domain

To find high quality expired domain is a complicated and difficult task. It is not easy at all.

There are many sources where you discover them but some of them are cited here that will help you.

this the platform that will provide you with the list of dropped domains on daily basis. There are so many domains dropped each day but all of them are not useful to us as a component of PBN.

The reason that they are not useful to us is although they are of high authority they were used to spam the internet for gambling and porn.

If you want to get access the drop list of then you have to log in to the free account of it.

Warning! It is a risky way but the benefit of this one is that it restore the sites employing the content on

It is an effective way because all the previous content is there for your use. But the shortcoming of this one is that you are violating some of the copyrights by doing so.

Do PBNs Still In The Game?

Bet you are wondering that PBNs are still in the game or not. If you are then let me kill your curiosity by saying that yes they are still worth in 20121.

PBNs nonetheless in work and will be working until backlinks are in use for ranking the website.

And I don’t think so that it won’t going to change in the coming times not at least anytime soon.

Risks Associated With Private Blog Networks

PBNs links actually violate the guidelines of Google. We are going to look at those risks by breaking them into two parts.

Penalization Of Your Site

When the use of manipulative link building techniques rise there are significant chances of your site getting penalized.

What is this?

When you read google guideline you will encounter a  guideline that says that the google can hit the website with manual action.

Long story short, if your site receives the manual action from the google it will result in lower ranking some time for the specific pages and sometimes for the whole site.

In more extreme cases, if your site gets a manual action then it will eradicate your complete site from the directory.

Mostly, if the links are the root of the manual action then this can be the reason for some of the unnatural links to your site.

To overcome this problem you need to recover your site from the manual action. You can fix the issue by simply removing the links and filing the request for reconsideration.

It is not that by doing this your ranking will get back to its previous position.  The unnatural links will more likely buttress them up.

Not only this but also,

The unnatural links also play are role in initiating the algorithmic adjustment. This algorithm perceives that the links do not help with the ranking of the sites.

In some cases, it is been noticed that the links are more likely to ignored by the algorithm itself instead of straight resulting in an algorithmic adjustment.

Back then Google’s penguin caused losing the ranking of most of the sites and the unnatural links are the reason behind that.

And penguin 4.0 is the bulbous part of the algorithm.

Sometimes it is more likely that SEOs that are making the use of private blog networks, in real the links are believed to be unnatural by the algorithm of Google.

These are generally ignored by that algorithm and do not lead to manual action.

These days manual action is only seen when there is extra use of manipulative techniques.

These techniques the review of the site by the webspam team of Google. If Google is ignoring the links that are pointing to your site it means they do not affect the ranking f site.

Use Of Private Blog Networks

There are many reasons that many of the SEOs are still using this to build the links and then use them for ranking purposes.

I am going to share the uses of private blog networks so you can understand why these are still worth it in [year].

It would not be wrong if I say that earning links is not only one hell of a task but also unpredictable.

If you want to approach the tactics that lead to quality and reliable links then you have to use email outreach in aggregation with digital PR, broken link building, and some other similar techniques.

Long story short, the one thing that all these links share is that they all reach out to the journalists and some other webmasters and connect to your content.

The main purpose behind all the tactics a technique is to raise the consciousness of the content and hoping that the recipient praise it enough to join it to the other relevant content.

But. It is not always necessary to get the best out of it. It means that the results are unpredictable.

However, if you are using the private blog networks then it means that the control is maximum to the reduction of uncertainty.

Command And Deploy Anchor Text

If we look 10 years back then we find out that most of the SEOs were building a particular match of the anchor links.

The anchor text of the link essentially indicates a certain topic of the focused on-page.

SEOs believed out that the algorithm of Google can be biased in this way.

Penguin tried to stop it in many ways but there are still several SEOs who control their profile links with the help of anchor text.

Other than earning the links and controlling the links another useful thing about PBNs is that you can sell the links to other SEOs communities out in the market.

But, keep in the mind the doing so is contemplate as malpractice and are against the googles guideline.

Add Them To Your Homepage

Another thing that you will find useful is that you can purchase many PBNs sites and can add them all-around your homepage.

This process is considered as one of the highest trust flow and can help in ranking.

PBNs And Websites Improvement

In a world full of Blackhat SEOs and Greyhat SEOs get yourself PBNs that can help in improving the website search result.

Sounds perfect, No?

In some deep terms, an invasion of links from the site with top Das will provide you with a quick raise.

Many SEOs companies and digital marketers use the PBNs to make an SEO strategy and then do business.

If they can stay obvious of forfeits then PBNs are recognized to ranking some of the high search positions in Google.

Especially for the companies that are into shady practices like loans, casinos, and whatnot.

If you are going with the PBNs then here are some things that you should keep in mind.

IP Addresses

You need to make sure that the domains which are including in your PBNs must have different IP addresses.

The question in your brain is, why?

The answer to this why is that if all the domains got identical IP addresses, then it indicates that they are owned by a single individual.

Google considers it as the conspiracy of backlinks. The main task of the IP addresses is to shrink the tracks of the networks.

In simpler terms, you have made your IP addresses to make sure that Google does not find the traces of your PBNs.

Every domain on your PBNs must have a separate IP address on the C block.

Now, what does it mean?

IP addresses are comprised of four different blocks A, B, C, and D.

Do you know why the IP addresses must be on separate C blocks?

Let me tell you why, because the IP address is most likely to divulge the imprints of the networks.

An instance of this one is that someone is reviewing your site and its backlink profile as well.

It is quite an easy task to figure out that a PBN has been used there if there are many links to your site.

And all of that is from the same block C. That all links from the same block is somehow suspicious and strange and also so natural.

On the other hand, if your website has 15 valuable links and that is also from 15 individual domains then that is now believable.

If the domains and links are different then chances are that no red flag climbs during manual reviewing.

Who Is The Owner Of IP Addresses?

That depends, if you are processing with a hostnine account then the host of all the domains is Hostnine.

This also does not look that natural you need to obtain IP addresses from different providers especially when you starting an outline.

Separate C Block IP addresses are Essential

Obtaining the separate C block IP addresses are one hell of a task when building your own PBNs.

But you know what the good news is?

There are some SEO providers you will find that will happily provide you with their services.

But guess what?

Getting the links from SEO providers are not a good idea most of the time.  The reason behind this is clear that many of the people are using the same domains from the SEOs company provider.

If this happens then the chances are high that google locates several questionable backlinks from a different domain.

There are also the chances that one of the domain is yours.  Rare are the cases when Google doesn’t detect the company that is hosting the SEO.

Let us talk about hosting now,

What Do You Need To Do For Hosting?

Several legitimate companies are non-SEO companies is there that offer you up seller hosting accounts.

By using these accounts you can easily build separate IP addresses in the C block.

Some of the hosting providers are explained in brief.

Bulk Buy Hosting

First in the list is bulk buy hosting. This one has noticed all of the issues carefully that other SEO providers face.

After that, they put limits to the number of PBNs that they will host on the individual so that to keep your network secure and safe.

Not only this but also they implemented some strict ruled to avoid any kind of hassle.


This one is new in the market and making the PBNs hosting away much easier. One of the prominent points of CloudBoss is it takes the advantage of cloud hosting to different stages.

Do you know what is the advantage?

The advantage is that it will provide you get your hand on the unique and non-shared IP addresses.

Cloud Hosting is already hosting millions of real websites. Cloud Boss usually uses dais like Amazon EC2 and C3.

Many people do not use this platform because it is quite hard to use and complex to understand.

Using a cloud boss is an effective option if you want to built PBNs at a cheap price and to attract low traffic.

Easy Blog Network

This is also a noticeable PBN hosting service and is capable of installing one blog with a single click on random servers.

The system also mechanically updates and theme as well while maintaining the routine backups.

Isn’t it great?

If I say that an easy blog network is an easiest and simplest way of doing PBN hosting then it would not be wrong.

So, what is next?

Next, we will be going to look at the super cheap hosting.

Super Cheap Hosting

Another solution to the problem is to search for small hosting organizations that are offering their services at a low price.

But the shortcoming of the use of a small hosting organization is that you have to install WordPress manually.

You must be thinking that why so?

This is because not all of the hosting companies back in 2014 offering you a one-click install of WordPress.

One thing is that you need to do homework before taking any step toward these small hosting companies. Like, do not sign in just by the way.

Deflating The Falsehoods Over PBNs

As we all are aware that there is a lot of risks if we use PBNs. Not only this but also there are a lot of myths that are also popular about the PBNs.

And it is one of the hot topics of conversation amid the SEOs. In this section, I am going to deflate the falsehoods about PBN.

Let us get into it,

1. PBN Do Not Help You In Ranking

The first myth that is famous in the community of SEOs is that it would not help in ranking the site.

There is no such case. Although the links from PBNs violates the guidelines of Google.

But, it surely does not mean that it is going to affect the ranking or would help in ranking.

In reality, there is a chance to some extent that they help you in the site ranking but it is not permanent.

Also, building the link with the help of PBN is a risky task to do. And in many cases, there is the chance of dropping the ranking of your site too.

But keep in mind that many factors you should consider while the determination to assessing of a link.

2. Google Easily Identifies PBN

Next is that google easily identifies your PBN. There are several ways through which Google can catch you.

But the thing is the algorithm is mainly in search of the footprints of the network that may be a part of a group of a specific site.

Google only identifies the PBN when the link is associated with relatively thin content or the links use large anchor text.

In addition to this, the SEOs who are in charge of building such PBNs know what are going to cause footprints.

3. Public Blog Network And Private Block Network Are Two Different Things

Although the concepts of these two are almost the same you still hear both the public blog networks and the private blog network.

These are kind of the same with one key difference.

Want to know what is this?

A true private network is a completely private one. It means it is well masked by the owner with a little hint of the footprint.

The links are not for sale and are used for the owner’s site.

While, if we talk about the public blog network then it is the one in which the kinks are for sale.

If you deem that your site has a link from the PBN or other different sources of low quality. Then you need to clean them up.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is that you need to search for an unnatural link. There are different tools available for doing so.

Once you identify then all you need to do is to clean the links that are of low quality and are harmful to your site.


If you are with me since the beginning then you noticed that if you set up the PBN properly then it is one of the best tools for ranking.

But it needs your time, full effort, and money as well and in a result, it lets the command of content and links of the site.

Are they worth it in [year]?

The answer to this is that yes they are still in-game. But let us not forget the risk factor associated with it.

As it is against the guidelines of Google. So Google has the complete right of removing your site from its index.

Also, I will advise using the tactics to get the links editorially so can boost your brand to a higher level.  The risk that comes from the use of PBN is sometimes not worth taking.

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