PaperRater Review for [2022]: Is It Worth Using?

It sounds so easy to write a chunk of content, scan it, and publish it. 

But, things can get infuriating when you start getting comments like “This Sentence Doesn’t feel right” or any comment that suggests the spelling mistake correction. 

As much as you hate it,  you will have to edit that published post.

Now, there are a lot of tools that can help you fix this situation.

But, how about a tool that will highlight all the mistakes while you are writing that post?

PaperRater happens to be one of those services.

This guide is meant to provide you a detailed insight into this service.

so Let’s get going!

What is PaperRater?

Before we go into any deep, it’s best that we develop the basis of what this service actually is.

PaperRater is a name given to an AI-powered Writing Tool.

This tool allows one to check and fix grammatical mistakes, fix and improve the Writing Structure, and it also checks for plagiarized content throughout the Internet.

This tool happens to be one of the finest ones in its niche as it does a fairly good job.

Now that we know what this tool does, the ideal target audience for this tool is students and people that work as Content Writers (We are looking at all you Freelancers!)

However, make no mistake about it, this tool is also helpful for people that are looking to ensure that they are writing with correct grammar and also makes sure that it helps them maintain a professional look.

PaperRater evaluates and shows the user their estimated grade with an option to send the composed text to their teachers.

But that is not the only use of it.

PaperRater is one of the versatile tools and can be used with different kinds of Writings, such as Blogging, Writing Social Media Copies, or any Kind of Professional Documents.

Does PaperRater Really Work?

Now that we know what PaperRater is, Let’s move ahead to one of the most important questions:

Is PaperRater Really Functional? Well, to find that out, we put this tool through a test of our own, and we have a lot to say, some good and some bad! 

To answer your question, Yes PaperRater Really works. PaperRater happens to be one of the best tools on the internet when it comes to writing tools.

In our Many tests, we filled our texts with so many grammatical and other kinds of mistakes.

PaperRater successfully picked all of them and showed them to us. 

However, it did miss a few of them, but it did catch the majority of them.

Do you know how all the soap ads say that their soaps are 99.99% effective?

It’s the same deal with PaperRater, only it is with writing mistakes. 

Other than that, this tool was also very fast when it comes to showing the results from this tool. Thanks to the AI-Powered Platform, this tool is able to bring results in just about 5-15 Seconds.

However, there are a lot of ads on this website, and misleading as well, and we are not a very big fan of misleading ads.

Pros & Cons of PaperRater

So now that we know what PaperRater actually is, let’s get into some more details that will allow you to evaluate this tool in a better way. 

Here are some benefits that you stand to gain if you with PaperRater and also, we have also mentioned all the things at which PaperRater is just “meh”. 


Let’s hold off the critics for a while as we go on with all the pros first:

  • With PaperRater, it is faster to Gain Results:

Since this tool is powered by AI, this tool offers suggestions and changes only within a timeframe of 5-15 seconds after submitting!

  • The Results Provided by PaperRater are Rather Accurate:

In our long lists of tests, PaperRater did a very good job and was able to come up with the most accurate results. 

  • PaperRater happens to be Cloud-based: 

You don’t need to download anything additional to use PaperRater or any Browser Extensions. This tool can be accessed from the website! 

  • There is no need to sign-up to use this tool: 

Unlike many other writing tools, PaperRates does not require the users to sign up with the tool first in order to use it. 


And now for the shortcomings:

  • PaperRater’s Website is Filled with a lot of Misleading Ads:

Misleading ads on a website are never a good thing and these ads do tempt the users to visit them.

This is why it’s a negative for us.

  • An Average Tool for Corporate Writing:

Since this tool is made for College Students, this tool does not happen to be a very good fit for those who are interested to do Corporate Writing.

  • Offers a Glitchy Experience:

Although PaperRater does what it’s supposed to do, this tool is filled with Glitches on the Results page.

PaperRater vs. Other Grammar-Checking Alternatives

It is always a good idea to consider the Alternatives.

With that being said, we have Put PaperRater up against some other Writing Tools on the Market. Here goes: 

PaperRater Vs. Grammarly:

Grammarly indeed happens to be one of the best options when it comes to writing tools.

When it comes to comparing both of them, Grammarly takes the first point as it offers a much cleaner and intuitive user experience. 

But, PaperRater does not stay behind and gains a point for offering better security.

Grammarly comes with an extension that makes it run on all websites.

This has raised some privacy concerns for the users. 

To Conclude, If you want a better user interface and are fine with Grammarly accessing all the sites that you visit, then you’re better off with Grammarly.

For security, PaperRater is the obvious Winner.

PapeRater Vs Hemingway:

Hemmingway Overview

Hemingway also happens to be one of the best tools when it comes to writing tools. 

Just like PaperRater. Hemingway is a Browser-based tool which means that privacy is not going to be an issue at all with either of them.

But, If you ask us, Hemingway Editor takes the win over  PaperRater with an intuitive and simpler interface.

There are no ads and the interface is rather clean. 

Moreover, the Hemingway Editor is totally free, regardless of how many edits you want you to make with it.

Moreover, the latter option shows real-time changes.

This means that you will have no need to copy and paste your content and run various searches to get finalized results.

Hemingway suggests the edits along the way. 

However, PaperRater takes the lead on Hemingway as it lets the users check for Plagiarism.

Hemingway has no such features which mean that it is only restricted to being an explicit writing and spelling tool.

How Much Does PaperRater Cost?

PaperRater Pricing
PaperRater Pricing Table

Now that the functionalities of this tool are out of the way, let us take a peek at how much this tool costs so you can make the decision:

Currently, PaperRater is available in two different Pricing Plans.

  1. PaperRater Free: This version allows the users to check up to 50 writing submissions and run 10 plagiarism checks on a monthly basis. Once you run out of them, you will have to wait a whole month before you check use PaperRater Free Again.
  2. PaperRater Premium: Premium Version of this tool is a big upgrade as it allows you to upload files, generate faster results, and that’s not even the best thing. There are no ads! This plan comes at a price of $12 per month.

Is PaperRater Premium Worth the Money?

When you look at it, the free version of this tool offers 50 submissions, which is more than enough for a month.

But, the Premium version happens to be a huge upgrade over the free version.

Final Thoughts!

Here goes our detailed Review on PaperRater.

PaperRater happens to be one of the best writing tools on the market and it would be unwise to let go of a tool that is this good. 

No matter that English is our native language, there is so much that we do not know about it.

After all, Knowledge is a vast ocean and one can never have enough.

With that being said, we all could use a little help. Now, PaperRater does that.

PaperRater highlights all the mistakes that a person makes when they are composing a mail, writing some text, or anything that requires writing them digitally (ie. Type). 

PaperRater protects your integrity as it fixes all of your mistakes.

Once all of your mistakes are fixed, you get a chance to what you were doing wrong and you get a chance to learn.

Other than offering a perfect learning opportunity, PaperRater also helps its users to maintain a professional image in front of their clients or their bosses.

Considering everything, we are definitely going to say that this tool is Definitely worth having!

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