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We are going to tell and educate our readers on the concept of local franchise SEO.

We have seen that a large and wide number of franchisors have now immersed and injected their thoughts into this concept.

Furthermore, this concept helps you in finding the right niche and also relevant keywords.

It unifies your whole set of information and does that without duplicating it.

Here you can check out the guide as to how to apply local SEO right to multiple locations. We are confident that this strategy will work for you.

What Is Local Franchise SEO?

First of all, we are going to give you general and basic information on local franchise SEO.

Doing local search engine optimization for franchises is one of the general and basic processes for the sake of optimizing your website.

In addition, it shows your business website in a possible number of Google search results in less time.

SEO ranks your product-related terms or service-related terms on a general basis. But if you go for local SEO, then this tactic automatically and instantly helps you reach your customers on larger and wider notes.

It is this local SEO strategy that makes your game plan of selecting geographic keywords stronger. Moreover, you tend to start work better on your content.

As you have a franchise, it means you already possess the additional benefit of firmly establishing your brand. And if you plan to go and opt for local SEO, then you can reach and grab your potential customers in a little time frame.

Most importantly, it is all because of local search engine optimization (SEO) that you will be helped out to better promote your individual business units. It helps and assists your local customers to know about your brand.

The only difference that lies and exist between local SEO and organic SEO, it is this factor and aspect of intent.

It is seen that Google picks and selects those search queries that come with a local intent factor and those who are looking for search engine results linked with local companies.

Below you can grab more of the details on local franchise SEO that we have highlighted and penned down for you.

Why Is Local Franchise SEO Important?

You might be wondering why local franchise SEO is important for my business, here you can know about it.

We have noticed that one of the biggest and largest benefits that are offered by this strategy is that it makes your customers reach and base stronger.

It tells your customers the exact location of your particular store or franchise base.

We all are aware about this fact that franchises are typically and generally built on well-known brands. And customers will automatically be comfortable upon visiting any of the new locations.

When your customers gets to know a new store of their brand exists near them, then they instantly and immediately visit that store to make a purchase.

Hence, for reaching customers and also for generating sales, this concept and strategy of local franchise SEO should be followed by you.

This strategy is less expensive and pretty much affordable to apply. It increases and boosts your online presence.

It instantly helps your business unit to attract a large amount of web traffic. This same concept spreads brand awareness and too ultimately helps you in gaining and reaching to new customers.

Even more, this strategy delivers and gives out more of the qualified search traffic to your business. It gives relevant local results that are based and dependent on intent and proximity aspects.

Now, you can know about the 7 must-use strategies and tactics for improving and boosting your SEO game locally:

7 Must Use Strategies for Improving Local Your Franchise SEO:

Doing local SEO for all kinds of franchises is an ongoing mechanism and process. But the best part is that if you follow these strategies as well.

Through the correct implementation of these strategies, you can establish your franchise right in the search engine results.

1. Listing Your Different Locations Right There in Google Maps:

For improving and enhancing your local franchise SEO plan, it is recommended to list your different and varied locations in Google Maps.

By doing so, you devise and generate easy ways to find and look for storefronts on Google.

It is this Google search engine that gives you a map of options and it automatically allows the users to receive GPS directions by making a few of the clicks.

There might come a situation when your location fails to appear and come in the Google map results.

In this case, you can further register yourself with the help of Google My Business.

This registration process is easy and simple to complete. In addition, you can visit the concerned website and follow the instructions to get registered over there.

You will see that once you are going to create and make an account, then your storefront will right there be visible and officially appear on Google maps.

Through this local franchise SEO strategy, you may permit your users and customers to find you easily in search engines.

2. Creating Yelp Pages for Each of Your Franchise Location:

The next strategy that you have to follow is to list your franchise locations completely and properly in Yelp.

Most importantly, Yelp is the most trusted and well-known review site among an extensive number of consumers.

There are a lot of people who do make use of Yelp to keep on searching for businesses and also to determine and find out regarding which option is best and better for them!

Furthermore, customers give preference to those businesses who are ranked and rated higher on the user-submitted photos as well as positive reviews.

So, it is important for you to list your franchise directory in Yelp if you feel like improving your franchise SEO plan.

Through this listing, users will be given contact information and other important details about menus and products.

It is proven that if you are not going to make it a habit to list and inject your franchise locations in Yelp, then you may loss wide number of potential customers.

Thus, we can say that having Yelp pages will help and aid the users to review all of your specific locations. This same tip is going to immensely benefit your local audiences.

Besides, you are going to get an idea what your local customers actually and specifically liked and also disliked regarding the locations of your franchises.

So, are you ready to follow this strategy to strengthen your local franchise SEO plan, you should be!

3. Injecting and Immersing Location-Based Keywords in Your Website:

If you plan and decide to use location based keywords right there in your website content, then such a strategy can give a boost to your franchise SEO plan.

This is an effective and recommended way for improving your website visibility in a wide number of local search results. So, always add and immerse these location based keywords in your website pages.

As an example, if you own a restaurant and it is located in Los Angeles, then you should be injecting this phrase restaurant in Los Angeles in your title tags and body copy and also in your headings.

Furthermore, you can make use of local landmarks and even nearby tourist destinations as in the form of target keywords. You are free to add and inject regional names in your website as your target keywords.

We have noticed that for franchise SEO, this is an excellent and ideal strategy that one should follow. It gives immense and great visibility to your business in search results.

4. Either Go for Corporate Website Or Prefer to Go for Microsite:

You need to understand that if you are working and serving in the corporate office of any kind of franchise, then you need to be listing and marking each of your individual locations right there on your website.

This one is a must-use strategy for improving and making your franchise SEO impactful.

What you can do is to come up with a “locations” page with each of your proper and valid storefront’s address and phone number and rest of the other necessary and important contact information.

Moreover, it is recommended and suggested to include an interactive map of all of your possible storefront locations so that customers can find out the closest stores at their end.

This is the best practice both for franchise SEO and also for giving user experience UX.

No matter you are running a single location or you are operating multiple locations, it is a must for you to create and develop your own website. With the help of this approach, you can create content that is completely specific to your location’s products and services.

At the same time, this tip will help you in ranking your website for long-tail keywords that are entirely and wholly specific to your location.

5. Opt for Consistent And Established Branding for Each Franchise Location:

One of the common mistakes that most of the franchises makes is that they fail to focus on the elements of established and consistent branding content.

To bring your franchise SEO plan a success, you have to regularly use the tactics of established and consistent branding.

You should not at all deviate from this zone of established branding whenever you are performing and carrying out local SEO.

In established branding, choose specific colors and logos and also brand identity. This is how customers can easily identify your brand among the rest of the competitors.

If your business has not gone for branding, then there is a chance that your customers may get confused and they may get deterred from visiting your store location.

The overall approach of branding your website needs to be cohesive and synchronized with your storefront.

In addition, the same color scheme should be applied on your website likewise you have injected on your storefronts.

Lastly, try to make an effort to stay consistent right with your brand’s theme and also feel. Now, you know how to implement your franchise SEO plan locally!

6. Requesting Your Customer to Pen Down Their Reviews And Feedback:

You should make it a habit to encourage and persuade your customers to leave their honest reviews and feedback for different locations.

In this age of doing local franchise SEO, the presence of online reviews matter a lot. Furthermore, now more and more people are pouring their trust on the online reviews section.

When one customer gives their honest feedback and personal recommendation, then such a gesture improves and boosts your store value.

It is with the help of reviews and comments that the other person gets a rough idea about specific products, services and stores.

Through the induction of these reviews, there is a maximum chance that your business is going to rank higher in the category of search engine result pages.

Hence, make it mandatory for you that whenever you plan and devise a franchise SEO strategy, then you have to include this review management part in it.

Encourage your local customers to keep on sharing their reviews and feedback about your brand. This way, you can improve the image and viability aspect of your business,

7. Adding structured data to franchise locations:

Lastly, to help out your business with local franchise SEO plans, you should be adding structured data to your business franchise locations.

This structured data is also given the name of scheme markup. This practice improves your franchise local SEO strategy part.

It is completely with the help of structured data that you can give to search engines some definitive kind of answers and explanations regarding your website page content.

At the same time, this structured data is productively availed by the searched engines for the sake of better understanding of your web pages. Moreover, it helps search engines to create more of the rich results.

No doubt, it is due to rich results that your website look is enhanced as well.

This structured data motivates and pushes your users to instantly click on your website.

If you still have any questions on how to improve the local franchise SEO game, then let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Some Challenges with SEO for Multiple Locations?

There are a few of the common and technically tough challenges that you may come across with SEO while doing it for multiple locations.

Like, you may have the issue of duplicate content, outdated NAP and unnecessary interlinking problems.

On each of your locations, you should have original and duplicate-free content to be posted on your website. If your site content is copied, then there is a wide chance that your local franchise SEO plan may fail.

Even more, you need to ensure that your franchise should have a valid name and address and also phone number.

Other challenges that you may notice are no location pages, the presence of non-discoverable location pages as well as poor site quality.

Q. What Do Local Franchise SEO Services Include?

If one is opting for local franchise SEO services, then this generally includes developing a custom strategy, optimizing your website and tracking your site performance.

In addition, these services make sure to improve and enhance your website’s usability. It creates fresh and highly optimized content for your site.

You may get a digital competitive analysis. These too include website content and code optimization services.

Customers are given with measurement and analytics reporting and along with that continual tracking as well as tweaking of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Q. Does Your Franchise Need a Local SEO Strategy?

Those businesses who want to reach and grab potential customers, it is important for them to implement local SEO strategy.

In this regard, you can partner with any marketing agency and process with this strategy implementation task.

This is constantly seen and proven that local franchise SEO has the tendency and potential to generate the highest sales for your business. For the reason that this practice and strategic tactic needs to be opted by you!

Business units that are linked with medical services or if you are a doctor and dentist by profession, then this strategy of local SEO will work for you!


One should know and understand that local SEO is the best and ideal way for all franchises if they want to instantly reach their local customers and also to increase their traffic range.

Now, you have understood all of the tactics and strategies to improve your local franchise SEO game plan.

This strategy increases and maximizes your traffic both at the website level and physical storefront level.

You should remember these tips while you plan out and devise an effective local SEO strategy for wide and multiple locations.

If you have any question on what is local SEO and why it has become so much important to franchises, then share your queries with us.

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