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Best Channels to Sell Products - Social Snipper

4 Best Channels To Sell Products Without Spending Money On Advertisement

Table of Contents

Dropshipping trend is getting popular day after day.


A lot of people are getting into dropshipping and a lot of people are leaving this business model even faster.


Well, there are many reasons why this business model isn’t loved by everyone, but the number one reason is:






Channels To Sell Products Without Spending Money On Advertisement


Building an online store isn’t overnight work, it needs a lot of work. Most of the people coming to this business model are expecting to make 1 Million dollars after few dollars of ad spent, well that’s now how this work.


A lot of people consider only Facebook as a platform in order to generate sales, but it’s not the case. There are many platforms where we can market our product and we’ll discuss some amazing channels that will help you to generate good number of sales and collect data.


Lets start with the number 1.


1- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is a great way to promote your online store. Well, you’ll have to work a lot in providing your audience with ton of great value.


A lot of stores like Gearbeast are generating 7 to 8 figures in income just via there organic traffic.


Alone promoting different viral news or any story about your brand won’t help you built up your organic, but you can use product reviews and some good niche related keywords to built up your organic.


Let me explain you with a good example.


Lets say, you are selling Wife Routers.


Google has around 5,400 searches on the keyword.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


If you manage your site to reach at the first place, so you can imagine the number of sales you’ll be able to generate.


You can later use organic traffic for re-targeting on social media.


2- Instagram Influencers


Instagram Influencers


Instagram influencers are a great way to promote your product or any offer.


What’s so good than promoting your product in front of ready to buy audience? 


Well, instagram influencers have already done the hard work for us, so we can have their audience to market our product to.


You can simply pay them for a shout out or even ask them for a normal product review.


Their simple shout out can give you good number of sales and data, just make sure they have an active audience.


3- YouTube Reviewers 


YouTube Reviewers 


YouTube Reviewes are another source of getting warm audience.


Find some great product or YouTubers in your niche and analyze their audience.


There are 3 ways to check if there audience is good to promote your product or not.


  • Check for their subscribers
  • See if they have at least 10% views of their total subscribers
  • Check their average comments on videos


These are some 3 important points to consider before hiring any YouTuber.


All you have to do is to send your product to the YouTuber and ask him/her for a honest review.


Simple review video can give you a lot of data that can be later used in a lot of ways.


4- Forums


Forums are another source of utilizing traffic.


There are many thousands of forums on the internet on different niches.


So, try to built your trust around these forums and once you have a good number of people following you, then you can sell them your product.


Well, it’s a time taking strategy, but it works and massive trust can help you product massive sales.


Wrapping It Up!


So, these were 4 different channels where you can sell your product. Each of this method has been used by us personally and we help our clients built their brand via them.


Let us know if you have any question regarding any point. Leave a comment or you can directly contact us.

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