4 Best Channels To Sell Products Without Spending Money On Advertisement

Best Channels to Sell Products - Social Snipper

Dropshipping trend is getting popular day after day.   A lot of people are getting into dropshipping and a lot of people are leaving this business model even faster.   Well, there are many reasons why this business model isn’t loved by everyone, but the number one reason is:   SALES!!!    EVERYONE NEED SALES!!  … Read more

6 Facebook Metrics You Should Never Ignore

Facebook Ads Metrics - Social Snipper

I was recently working with a client and he asked me a question that I wonder everyone should know the answer of.   He asked, “Ammar, What are the most important matrics we should look for while analyzing our ads. As there are more than 100 of them.”   Well, I think the question was … Read more

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